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J.L. Roll-off Service, Inc. is licensed with the City of Chicago to provide permits to place dumpsters on city streets.

We can also provide recycling compliance certification for your job site upon request.  

If you are ordering a dumpster in the City of Chicago and it is going to be placed on the city street or an alley, then a city permit will need to be issued.  J.L. Roll-off Service, Inc. takes care of all the paperwork involved with aquiring the permit, you need to do nothing but let us know that the dumpster will be placed on the street or an alley. All fees shall be collected by the driver at the time of delivery. 

The City of Chicago offers two durations of permits:

 3-days for $75.00

 30-days for $125.00

Permits are valid from the first day of issuance through the third calendar day or thirtieth calendar day, including weekends and holidays. Fees double within the Central Business District which is the area of the city east of Halsted, between Division St. on the north and Roosevelt Rd. on the south. Other restrictions may apply.

Dumpster rental is typically for a five-day period, however, if a 3-day permit is issued, then the dumpster will need be picked up on the third day. If a 30-day permit is issued, then the dumpster will need to be picked up on the 5th day.

If a dumpster is placed in an alley, ten feet of clearance is required between the dumpster and the nearest obstruction -light pole, fence, tree, etc.- so traffic can get through alley. In addition, the dumpster cannot block any neighboring garages. A permit will need to be obtained even if the dumpster is partially on city property.

Additional charges for lost meter revenue will apply if dumpster is to be placed in a parking meter zone. Please let us know if dumpster will be placed in a parking meter zone. Typically, if a dumpster is placed in a metered zone, fees will range between $25-$75 per day, depending on location. 

For more info concerning the City of Chicago visit cityofchicago.org or click on the city seal above.

To place an order, call:

(708) 788-8325